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MY SIMs R200 + 200MB Account number: 698415216

Current Deal

Talk More

  • 100 local calling minutes
  • 500mb data
  • 1gb Wi-Fi hotspotter

Expires in days


Fair usage policy notices

The Unlimited Talk package is subject to the Fair Usage Policy. Please view the detailed policy here. In the event that you breach the policy, your line will be migrated to a value bundle. You will no longer be eligible to sign up for the Unlimited Talk deal going forward.

Important notes:
  • Unique numbers dialled are updated once per day (on week days) – therefore please be mindful should you be nearing your allocated limit.
  • Data usage is updated mid-month and at the end the of month.
75 unique numbers

Warning: Please monitor the number of numbers that you dial. Dialing more than 150 unique numbers will result in you breaching the policy.

Less than 50MB data used

Warning: You have not yet made use of 50 MB of data. Please ensure to make use of data before month end to remain on the Unlimited Talk deal.


Add once-off top-ups to your SIM.

Once off SMSs

Add once off SMSs to your account.

This is valid for 30 days from date of purchase.

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Your September usage is payable at the end of next month – on 30 September.

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