Costs & Calls

Am I getting the best value?

We make it simple as our call rates both locally and internationally together with our data plans are specifically designed for tourists with an added competitive advantage, thereby giving you the BEST experience in South Africa.

Can I make International calls?

Yes, you can. We have the BEST international call rates available in South Africa.

Will I be charged for incoming calls?

Incoming calls are free while you are in South Africa.


How long before I arrive will I receive my mobile number?

Mobile numbers will be sent to you by email 24 hours upon ordering your SIM Card and before arriving in South Africa.

What is the procedure when I collect at the airport?

Your “Welcome to South Africa Pack” will be waiting at our NextCellular Kiosk as designated in your order. Keep your passport handy and an expert from our team will be eager to make it simple for you. We will ensure a pleasant arrival after your journey.


Am I able to load additional airtime and data onto a package?

You can certainly add any amount of data and airtime to our predesigned packages, this can be added via the Quick Recharge tab on the website.

Can your team set up my modem or smart phone?

Absolutely, it will be a pleasure. An expert from our team will be eager to make it simple for you.

How do I know what package is best suited to me?

This is all dependent on what your usage habits are however based on usage pattern of tourists, we have designed the perfect package to accommodate your data usage as well as giving you airtime to make calls while in South Africa.

How long in advance do I need to place my order?

You can order your sim card at your convenience from the day you decide to travel up until you board your flight.

What are the operating hours of the airport stores?

Our stores trade between 5am and 10pm however if you are landing slightly later let us know and we will see how we can accommodate your collection.

How do I pay for my Order?

We make it simple! Either make a card payment (credit/debit) or use Paypal.

SIM & Technical

Can I buy several SIM Cards for group?

Yes, you can. We have made it simple for you to select the quantity of SIM Cards required from the drop down list while you are ordering or activating your SIM.

How does roaming compare in price to buying a local prepaid SIM Card?

Roaming is considerably more expensive and data roaming charges can be exorbitant resulting in “shock bills “. A local SIM Card is usually the cheapest option.

How long will my data stay valid for?

Data expires after 30 days from the date of collection.

How long will my SIM Card stay active for?

The default validity period of your SIM Card is 30 days. However, should you stay longer or you are a frequent traveller, you can purchase one of our extended validity bundles.

I want to keep my overseas mobile number but still find a way to save on data using a local number?

Yes you can keep your number and purchase one of our data only bundles.

What SIM Card size do I need?

We make it simple by offering an all in one SIM Card, meaning that the Sim Card can be clipped out to the Sim Card size that you need so whether you are using a phone that requires a nano, micro or macro SIM Cards, our Sim Cards will fit all devices.