Order your first SIMs

To order your SIM card, simply create a profile, choose your plan, select a collection method and make payment.

Activate your SIM

Four easy steps gets you connected. To activate your SIM, simply enter your 19 digit SIM serial number, create a profile, choose your plan and make payment.

Redeem a voucher

To redeem a voucher, first order or activate your SIM card and thereafter enter your voucher number on the select plan page. Your voucher value will be deducted off the total value of your order.

Port your number

If you choose to port your number, check out these ins and outs:
You can request to port during signup, or if you already have a NextCellular SIM you can do so in the “Manage SIMs'' area in your profile. Remember, we can't start the porting process until you have activated your SIM. Once you have activated you will use the NextCellular number allocated to you until the porting process has been completed. You will receive an SMS to confirm that your port request has been submitted.

After 48 hours, if your port has been unsuccessful we will give you a call to assist you. Unsuccessful porting can be due to a number of reasons stipulated by your current service provider, in which case you will be required to chat to them directly. Your current network may also notify you of the reason for your failed port.

    Potential reasons for unsuccessful porting:
  • You are currently still in a contract.
  • You have not notified your current network of your move to NextCellular.
  • You have provided the incorrect information for porting.
  • Your account with your current network is in arrears.
  • You owe your service provider money.
  • You have ported within the last 2 months.

Successful ports will take a minimum of 48 hours to be processed. Once your port has been approved, your current number will cut off at 19:00 on that same evening and be active on your new SIM early the next morning.

Check your balance

To check your balance, dial – *140#
For voicemail dail– 144

Set up voicemail

To set up your voicemail, dial - 144

Internet settings

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  1. All handsets are a bit different so the name of menus and settings will vary. Find the settings on your phone and navigate to the networks / connections menu.
  2. Within the options should be 'Mobile Networks' you then need to find the option for 'Access point Names'. It may also be referred to as 'APN'.
  3. Create a new APN. Set the Name as 'worldsim' and the APN as 'NextCellular'. Leave all the other fields blank.

SIM Swap

If your SIM card is lost or stolen, you can simply pickup a Numberless SIM from any of our participating outlets or collection points and follow these easy steps:

  • Dial 140 from a landline or any other cell phone and have the following information ready: ID number, three frequently dialled numbers, last recharge information and new SIM card serial number.

Wait 24 hours before inserting the new SIM card into your cell phone.

Do not RICA the replacement SIM card if you have already gone through the RICA process. If you have not been RICA'd, do the SIM swap first. Your remaining benefits of your old SIM card will still apply, only the SIM number changes. Numberless SIMs are available at most outlets. The SIM swap will take 24-48 hours to process.

Important numbers

Your convenience is our top priority as we aim to give you nothing short of the BEST service.
Emergency Dial – 112
Customer Care Dial – 140
Balance Check Dial – *140#
Voicemail – 144

Change your plan

To change your plan call our Customer Care on 140 or simply log in to your profile and click on “manage plan”.